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Bel Air Lacrosse Frequently Asked Questions



1. Where is the lacrosse equipment shed?

The equipment shed is located across from the Bel Air Library on E. Pennsylvania Avenue in the town of Bel Air.  It is the brick building with green metal siding.  Use 100 E. Pennsylvania Avenue, Bel Air, MD 21014 for GPS directions and the building is directly across the street.


2. What is the process for equipment handouts?

a. Clinic does not require equipment.  A standard lacrosse stick is the only requirement.

b. Equipment handouts take place at the lacrosse shed.  See FAQ number 1 above for directions.

c. Your player must attend in order to be properly fit for the equipment rented.

d. A check made payable to BARC in the amount of $250.00 must be made at the time of pickup.  This is a security deposit that will be returned when the rented equipment is returned.



3. Can my son try out for a travel team?

Yes. Travel teams are selected at the beginning of each season by the Program Chair, Age Group Commissioner and selected Age Group coaches.  (There are no travel teams in the Pee Wee or Clinic age groups.)

4. Do travel players automatically make the team, if they were on it the previous year?

No. It is an open tryout for each age group. Players are evaluated based on the try out performance. Selections are based on Speed, Stick Skills, Use of Off-Hand, field awareness and athleticism. Our goal is to be fair and impartial in the selection process and award spots on the roster based on performance.

5. How are coaches selected?

Our coaches (95% of them are parents with son's in the program) in most cases, are selected after the evaluation process is over and the teams are selected as to promote fairness in the evaluation process. 

6. Who should I speak to if I have a complaint, concern or comment?

Issues should start with the coach. If the issue cannot be resolved at this level, please contact the Age Group Commissioner. The Program Chairman is available to discuss issues, but will defer first to the AGC (Age Group Commissioner) and coach. 


7. Can I request a coach or my son playing with his friends on the same team?

No.  Unfortunately there are over 400 boys in the program and we will not honor requests. You can email the AGC for your son’s age group and he may or may not be able to accommodate special requests based on hardships or mitigating circumstances.


8. How often does my player practice and where?

This depends on your player’s coach and when his assigned practice times are. Practices for all Rec age groups (excluding clinic) will be twice a week and play games on Saturdays and / or Sundays with an occasional game during the week. Games and Practices are at one of the following fields: Ewing St. (Tyker and Pee Wee), Tollgate Park (Lightning, Midget and Junior), Red Pump Elementary (Lightning and Midget) and Tucker Turf (all age groups).  Clinic is held at Tucker Turf on Sunday Mornings.


9. Can my player play other sports during the lacrosse season?

This is totally up to you but keep in mind a few thoughts:

a. There are no refunds.  Please do not ask.  (Especially if practices for lacrosse and the other sport have conflicting days and / or times.)

b. Missing team practices may affect your player's enjoyment of lacrosse.

c. We believe you are committing to lacrosse for the season.  As we do not ask that your player miss the opportunity to play other sports outside of the lacrosse season, we hope you will provide a full commitment to lacrosse when it is in season. 


10. What is Travel and what is Rec?

Travel will involve a slightly greater commitment as away games can be as far as Howard and Carroll counties. 

Travel and Rec will have home games in the Bel Air area and normally on our practice fields.

Both Travel and Rec may have games on Saturdays and / or Sundays with occasional games during the week.


11. What is Club Lacrosse?

We are not a club program or affiliated with any club program.  In the past, club lacrosse was for the more “advanced” players, but that has since changed.  Many “average” players are now joining club teams for additional lacrosse opportunities.  Please search the internet for club opportunities in the area.


12. When do practices begin?

-  Clinic practices will begin in early April

- Pee Wee, Tyker, Lightning, Midget, and Junior practices will begin in early March depending on weather

- If the weather allows, some teams may practice in late February.


13.  When do games begin and when will the schedule for my player’s team be available?

- Games will begin in early April and the schedule will be released the week before the first game.